Borrowing days

The last three days of March are said to be borrowed from April according to a Celt tradition.  These days have a reputation for being stormy.  An old ballad tells how capricious March begged generous April for a loan and then rendered the three days awful:

                              The first of them was wind and wet,
                              The second of them was snow and sleet,
                              The third of them was such a freeze,
                              It froze the birds' claws to the trees.

There are different explanations for this: Scottish folklore proposes that these three days were borrowed from April so that March might extend his power.  READ MORE...

But, Irish folklore says that an old brindled cow boasted that even the rigours of March could not kill her, whereupon March borrowed three days from April and using these with redoubled fury, killed and skinned the poor old cow.  READ MORE...

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