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Who goes fishing?


  • There are 5 houses of 5 different colours: blue, green, red, white, yellow
  • In each house lives a person of a different nationality: American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish
  • Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain job: carpenter, lawyer, pilot, plumber, waiter
  • Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain hobby: chess, fishing, football, sailing, tennis
  • Each of the 5 house-owners has a certain pet: cat, dog, goldfish, hamster, horse

None of them have the same pet, job or hobby.

Other facts

  • The Irishman lives in the green house.
  • The red house is on the immediate left of the white house.
  • The person in the red house is a pilot.
  • The American plays chess.
  • The Canadian is a waiter.
  • The person with the horse lives next to the one who plays tennis.
  • The person who goes sailing lives next to the one with the cat.
  • The person with the goldfish plays football.
  • The person in the blue house has a cat.
  • The Briton has a hamster.
  • The Australian lives next to the yellow house.
  • The person with the horse has a neighbour who is a plumber.
  • The person in the center house is a lawyer.
  • The Australian lives in the first house.
  • The dog owner is a carpenter.

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